Vested Interest

Off we go again into the wild blue yonder to capture, whether I want them or not, messages and stories from Spirit. The person, Jill, owner of a waistcoat that I am wearing, has been coming to me,giving me more yet new insight to the other side. This is an interesting case, and brings up some very interesting points. She committed suicide by shooting herself in the head not really that long ago. The ones that she has left behind have been falling into that trap, as you would do, of trying to figure out why she did it. Well I got a story on it, and for me it is a front page exclusive.

martin-mirror-selfieShe has also given me some extra insight into what she has to do since she has crossed. She was able to direct me psychically to the vest she wore, but not able to say anything verbally, so much so that her silence and inability to to speak would have stumped Claudients, and she would not have been able to communicate with such seers if that was all they were capable of doing. Because she knew this,she orchestrated a plan to allow me to see the vest, fall in love with it, so much so that I had to have it. \she came to me immediately.

She is indeed a lovely, beautiful energy, and her suicide was planned months in advance. Her ex-husband knows a little more than than he is letting on about her talking about it leading up to the actual event, and that is ok because he is protecting somebody or something. She also said they were not the ideal couple and hadn’t been close or a long time. She id plan to do this when John and Lisa were together because she wanted them to have a common connection when she left. Lisa showed up unexpectedly on that day, so Jill took the opportunity. That is why, and the only reason why, that it felt spontaneous to John and Lisa. She does want them to be together – they have the best chance of taking care of each other and she will help them out whenever she can, and whenever she can get through to them.

Enough about the actual suicide other than the main reason I got. She was on a lot of pills and alcohol, and her life in every respect had spiralled out of control. Above all of that though, she had a mental illness that was not properly diagnosed properly, and surrounded herself with people that either fed her addiction or that would love her regardless of who she was. She was smart like that. She believed through the dreams that she had that if she stayed, this mental illness would take over, and take over soon. She believed that she was going to check out mentally, and have to be taken care of by others for the rest of her life.

She saw herself becoming ‘zombie-like.’ She would have to be bathed, fed, and having her diaper hanged by care-givers. That, for Jill was totally unacceptable, so she took a Nexus Point, in the form of leaving as a suicide. Now that she has fully crossed over, she can now get on with the business of clearing that karma along with other things in her ‘spun out of control’ life. A life where she had created a lot of happiness for herself. I believe she is telling me all of this because she has to. I am her therapist and she needs a certain number of sessions to clear the karma. It’s like she needs to have each session signed off on before she moves to the next level of her path. I always knew that our learning doesn’t stop when we cross over; it still goes on. The vest has the ability to connect her and I together.

I don’t think I have to be wearing it when we communicate any more but it is a cool vest, so I probably will. Jill is a really sweet soul and tried to be there for most of the people in her life, but really didn’t understand the law of self. This law states that to be there for anybody else in your life, you have to be there for yourself first. So she ended up enabling, other than helping, especially when her immediate family were concerned. This mental condition also ran in the family and she knew it. An aunt passed with the very same thing. Her only concern is that her children don’t inherit that potential.

Since this is the first introduction to this wonderful soul, I will let the article stand the way it is. Subsequent articles will be to deliver the messages that I received form her and any moral or non-moral take on them. Peace.