PureHeart Method

Here are 5 things you need to do in order to allow The PureHeart Method to work for you.

1. Have an open mind. Always keep your mind open, because it is the only way that information can come into it.
2. Put everything you think you know about the process away for now. Allow yourself a fresh outlook and new perspectives will be able to take hold.
3. Have a strong desire to learn new concepts and find ways to make the concepts that you are comfortable with work.
4. Understand that you can use those ideas that work and disregard those that do not to maximize your ability to allow the program to work.
5. Know that you have the answers and be open to having that part of you re-activated.

Here is what you will learn with the PureHeart Method:

1. It is a lot easier than you think.
2. What it means to think.
3. How to determine where the messages are coming from and how to receive them more effectively.
4. What purpose the Ego and the Will have in the whole process.
5. Fast and effective techniques to make the most of your meditation process.
6. How to set yourself up for success.
7. Why writing is so important to the process.
8. The one thing that will clear most of your blocks immediately.

The beliefs:

I believe that connecting with Spirit is difficult and only for people that have trained for years and years.

When I connect with Spiritual beings, I run the risk of evil or bad Spirits coming through.

I am never sure that the messages I get are from Spirit or not.

How do I know that it isn’t my Ego.

How do I know that the information that I get isn’t what I WANT to hear.

It is impossible to get information for myself.