Our Workshops

Here is the list of workshops and classes that Connie and Martin teach. These classes are don “in-person,” or via Skype.n We run these classes periodically and will be advrtising when we are doing them, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already.

“The Fab 4 Archangels and more.”

Join Martin, and Connie as they take you through the journey of recognizing, and communicating with the Angels. Connie and Martin are both Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioners, trained by Doreen Virtue. Learn about your parking space, and “good hair day” Angels. Learn to work with your “Clown Chakra” in this workshop.

How to recognize Angel signs
Angel Numbers
Building Self Esteem
Meeting your Angels
Messages from your Angels
Communicating with your Angels
Laughing with your Angels
Moving blocks with Archangel Michael
Finding your purpose
Healing with Archangel Raphael
Cord cutting
Goal Achievement

Pureheart Method Practitioner Course

The Pureheart Method Practitioner course will allow you to become more in tune with your higher self. The program consists of hands on exercises in all of the areas listed below.
I found that as soon as I was able to communicate with my son Andrew on the other side, after he passed, the information I was receiving from Spirit took on a whole new format. Things that I had been trying to do in my life started to get easier. The modalities that I was using before seemed complicated and clunky. Now they have been simplified and streamlined in a way that makes things easier to do, and easier to teach.
In this 3 day course, you will learn how to apply a variety of techniques to your own lives and to the lives of your clients, and other relationships.

There is a lot of information in this course, and a lot of great hands-on exercises. The list below is really only part of what you will learn, and the whole course is as useful to the beginner student as much as it is to the more advanced practitioner.

This course will help you to strengthen your current psychic ability and help you develop a new one. In this workshop you will learn the confidence you need to perform mediumship in front of a group, or just to do it for yourself. Your choice.

You will also receive an education on the different types of guides, their function and who to call on for what. The following questions, and many more, will be answered either for you or by you. What is my guides function and how do I work with them. What Angels do I have? Who is around me? How do I talk to my Angels? Do I have more than one guide?

  • In this class you will learn the following:
    Learn to connect to your Angels, Guides and deceased loved ones.
    Learn how to really meditate with a purpose.
    Give yourself the gift of connecting to your guides and find out what messages they have for you.
    Learn to determine what is Spirit and what is your mind
    Learn audience techniques – (Advanced)
    Learn one on one techniques
    Learn the Spirit “Ice-breakers”
    Learn confidence
    Learn New Skills
    Learn to accept and receive

Faeries 101

Faeries are the greatest manifesters in the world. If you learn what their purpose is, and how to work with them, it will add a different dimension to your life. Faery energy is different that Angel Energy, and this class will help you to identify this, and show you the benefits of working with them. You will also learn how to communicate with them. And how to work with them.

Students will learn the benefits of being able to communicate and work with the Faery world. They will learn how to manifest with them, and learn to explore the elemental realm, and tap into a very under utilized energy. Students that have children will be able to increase their connection with them.

Introduction to Mediumship

This class comes with a journal, and will help you to get your life on track. You will learn the Mental Bank process and how to incorporate it into your life. You will learn the real energy of positive affirmations and how to use them properly. You will also learn how to prioritize the things in your life that matter and to discard the things that do not.

This will teach you how to reprogram your subconscious script, (what you tell yourself everyday,) to attract more success, happiness and prosperity into your life. The knowledge you’ll gain from this program will enable you to reinforce your life-script and attract more of what you would like into your life. (A journal is included with your instruction.)

Get control of you life processes
Organize yourself
Get more out of your day
Feel more confident
Get control of your environment
Find out what is blocking your road to success.

Past Life Regression – Travel with us through time

The theory is that we can bring patterns into our current lifetime from a past life or past lives. Some of these patterns are good while some of them can be detrimental and destructive in our current life. The wonderful thing about PLR is that it gives you information that you’ve been looking for. As I have learned, the information that you receive is most of the healing. PLR can help you tremendously to see the patterns in your life.

The purpose and the benefits of a Past Life Regression. The reason behind this type of regression. How to get the most from a Past Life Regression. How to deal with your current life, relationships, and help clear blocks that you are having difficulty with, and so much more. So come and travel with us through time.

Student will explore:
How powerful you were in a past life – it helps you reconnect with that.
Why you attract destructive relationships.
Why you stay in the wrong relationships.
If there is a connection between people in your life now and past lives.
Phobias – Maybe connected to past lives.
Fears – Maybe connected to past lives.
Patterns – destructive and life building.
Weight releasement

Pre-Life Regression

This journey will take you back to the time just before you came into this life time. This was the time when you were with your spiritual council. The meditation will allow you to meet with this council and go through contract that you set up before coming into this life.

You will meet with each member in turn and they will show you what you actually signed up for. You will be able to see what changes you need to make and you need to work with the energy in your body to accept the challenges and the blessings that you have already.

To help the students understand that a lot of what they do in this life is contracted. We can alter these contracts or get to know what these contracts contain any time that we want. Also to let the student know that there are Spirit Guides assigned to them should they ever need assistance, and they can ask for their help whenever they need it. To also help the student make peace with the challenges that they have experienced in this life.

Students will have a better understanding of why they came into this life, and what it is they have to do.
1. Students will learn how to “meditate with a purpose.”
2. They will learn how to connect and receive information from their council.
3. It will be reinforced that they are not alone.
4. They will learn how to receive.
5. They will be given a philosophy on the structure of their purpose and how to find it.

6. They will learn that going back in time in one’s life will be an invigorating, useful, learning, and completely safe experience.