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6 Steps to a Perfect Past Life Regression

Hi, my name is Martin Jordan,
and I want to thank you for taking another step in your path by purchasing my e-book to learn the 6 Steps to a Perfect Past Life Regression. Let me first say that I appreciate you for purchasing this e-book, and choosing me as your source of information on this really interesting subject.

I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and one of my specialties, rather passions, is Past Life Regression. I have studied this work and practiced in my own private practice for many years. I learned a lot of interesting stuff, but one particular thing I learns can be summarized as follows:


People, in general, will generally steer clear of things they don’t know anything about.”

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The 6 steps are:

  1. Attitude
    It is very important to set up your space when you do any kind of meditative work. If you don’t have a regular place you can go yet, don’t worry, that will happen over time. As long as you are strong with the intent part, you will do great. Picking the same spot for your meditation I think is important because I believe you can actually build up an energy over time setting it up this way. There is something very ceremonial about giving thought to your process, and setting up your space deliberately.

  2. Understanding

    There is a rapid growing movement, a shift if you like, in the minds of the current world’s population. The shift is around the belief that we are souls, and our souls have lived before. In other bodies, in other dimensions and time periods. I believe that this is true, and Past Life Regression is the ultimate tool to help you explore that. If you need to know. When you feel blocks in your life to your greatest potential.

  3. Repetition
    Memories create pathways in the brain that will eventually become automatic. As much as we can create new pathways or memories, we can also change the direction of these old pathways. To do this, you have to clear the old pathway, and create a new one. A new memory in place of the old one. The old pathway is changed along the lines of better thinking, and remember it doesn’t happen overnight.

  4. Breathing
    First of all I want you to close your eyes and check in with yourself to see how you feel at the moment. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for a few moments, then
    exhale through your month. Feel the difference in your body now with that breath. It gets better, the deeper you go,

  5. The Regression itself

  6. Journaling

If you put each of these steps into action each time you meditate, you will have a great experience.

Click here to order the full course now for the introductory price of $49.95, (Originally $195.00.)


You can have the full Past Life Regression course with a 24 Page e-book, and 3 guided meditations to help you understand, and get benefit from a Past Life Regression.

What you will get:

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