zombie-feeding-001As you grow up you learn a lot from what you hear, and observe your parents and teachers say and do. Some of this learning might work for you for a while if these people were intelligent enough. Whilst you may gain worldly insight doing this, you also take on board a dangerous cargo. This cargo can cloud your judgement. If you hold on to it long enough, it can keep you in the dark ages with no progress, and certainly no evolution. This is seen most often in your basic education of history and philosophy. No matter how plugged in and progressive your upbringing, you should develop your own philosophies and ideas. It stands to reason that as you get older, you evolve, or at least you are supposed to evolve. It boils down to being a case of evolving or staying part of a very pushy, uneducated society grunting their way from obstacle to obstacle.

This is not a good thing for your own well-being, and ultimately your children, and your children’s children. You have to think beyond yourself when looking at your own developmental process. You really want your children to be smarter than you, and to evolve in their lives faster than you did, even though you were denied this in your own life. It goes back to one of the most important rules of self government, or all kinds of government really; ‘question everything.’ Even though you might be sure how you stand on a certain issue, question it from time to time, and more importantly, the people involved with it. This has also the potential of reinforcing your position with it, or at the very lest, allowing you to tweak it, and solidify it. Consider the ideal scenario of a person who wholeheartedly believes in the medical profession, but, because they keep an open mind, they come across a fantastic herbal remedy that they like. Now they have the opportunity to be able to use both ideas to bring about a complete healing for something. Here, the educated, and constantly evolving person, will take what they have learned and add it to what they currently know.

martin jordanThey will not discard it because it does not seem to fit a particular medical model, or because it seems to contradict a current belief they have about healing. Gathering new information and continually adding it to what you know already is key to evolving, and developing a more educated lineage. Your children and their children will become more evolved as they are placed into the world helping other to do the same.  This theory only works in the event that the uneducated don’t try to get in the way of progress for greedier motives. People that grasp both sides of any decent argument are evolutionaries in my book. It doesn’t mean that you won’t take a particular side, but it does mean that you will still respect the side that you do not take. This, in and of itself, will strengthen your own beliefs in a much better way. Sometimes the direction that you take will have pieces of both sides, so you will put those together and forge your own path from the result.

Some of the best results I have found in my life have come from such decisions. If your view point is different than mine, then let it be different, but let me see you live this in your life. Then be sure of it, and comfortable enough with its authenticity that you allow me to live mine. This is called ‘respect.’ In this way I get to see a new way in action, I can respect you, and vice versa. What works for you may not work for me or anyone else. That is why I teach, and only teach what works for me, and you will hear me say that when I teach. I teach other methods and ideas as well but I will tell you what I know of them, not whether they work on not. You will only know if something works by trying it out, not by reading about it or hearing someone else tell you that it works. This is clear when the person is leading you to believe that they are practising it, when they clearly are not. Live your own truth and keep living it until it no longer gives you what you are looking for. When you are in a position to tell someone how it works in your life, always remember that yours may not be the right philosophy for everyone. Handle any resistance by bolstering your truth, not tearing down theirs.

Do not take it personally if they do not see the Joy and the wonderful changes in you that you know to be there. Some of them may not be ready, but most of them need to find their own path. Just remember that what you shared about your life may help them quicken their own journey.