Soul Mates

To me, the words ‘Soul Mate,’ is thrown about and used wrongly and loosely. I have to admit that it is the ones in my own profession are the worst culprits. I am of the belief that a Soul Mate is the person that you are contracted to with to bring you your life lessons. Whilst this is an extremely important person in your life, they are not your partner for life necessarily. They can definitely make for an interesting relationship, especially if you grow to understand their actual purpose in your life.

They come here with what we need to learn, or what we sucked at in a past life. It could be that you are together again in this life to make the relationship work, however that relationship shows up. So as you can see by my definition, and its not the only one out there, you can have more than one Soul Mate in this life time. They can be male or female. They may not know that  this is the reason that they are in your life. Trust me, when they show up, the lessons come with them. When the lesson is learned they will sometimes disappear from your life again.

The Gaelic or Irish expression for Soul mate is Anam chara. It is quite a beautiful  expression, and when you finally get the lesson, it can be quite awesome. By my definition, Soul is obvious as it pertains to something deeper than body, or any other hysterical connection. Mate to me means means friend. So a soul mate will not necessarily be in your life as a love connection, by my definition.

In my opinion so many people get stuck with a soul mate thinking that they are meant to be in their life as a love relationship, and miss the lesson. Then they get surprised that this relationship doesn’t last, and was frought with one lesson after another. If you have someone in your life that you would fall on a grenade for, and they would fall on one for you, but you don’t really see them as a life partner, then you are looking at a soul mate.

By the same definition if you have someone in your life that gets on your last nerve, then they are a soul mate. You can see how you can have more than one soul mate in your life time, as a matter of fact you could have quite a lot of soul mates in your life depending on what you choose to learn in this life.

Just in the Nick of Time

martin jordanWhen I am talking to a person after they cross over about their experiences surrounding the time before they cross, the answers are as individual as the people that give them. When I ask the question, “did you suffer?” I get similar responses. They say that they were in no pain, or remember no pain around that time. These are people that have taken a long time to pass, as well as those who have crossed traumatically, such as a car accident.

Since I am a research hound, I then take this question to the guides and Angels surrounding the particular person, as well as the person themselves. I ask if they can give me an explanation as to why they think this is the case. The answer is always they same. The person is removed from their body, and the soul is taken up to heaven, or other side. As in the case of a car accident, it is usually right before impact.

To me it is also like the drug that Andrew was on in the hospital that they gave him before his lumbar punctures. The spinal injections looked quite painful, but Andrew remembered none of it a few seconds after supposedly feeling it.

I hope this answers this question for some of you. Please feel free to comment below, or just leave your thoughts on the matter.