Vested Interest

Off we go again into the wild blue yonder to capture, whether I want them or not, messages and stories from Spirit. The person, Jill, owner of a waistcoat that I am wearing, has been coming to me,giving me more yet new insight to the other side. This is an interesting case, and brings up some very interesting points. She committed suicide by shooting herself in the head not really that long ago. The ones that she has left behind have been falling into that trap, as you would do, of trying to figure out why she did it. Well I got a story on it, and for me it is a front page exclusive.

martin-mirror-selfieShe has also given me some extra insight into what she has to do since she has crossed. She was able to direct me psychically to the vest she wore, but not able to say anything verbally, so much so that her silence and inability to to speak would have stumped Claudients, and she would not have been able to communicate with such seers if that was all they were capable of doing. Because she knew this,she orchestrated a plan to allow me to see the vest, fall in love with it, so much so that I had to have it. \she came to me immediately.

She is indeed a lovely, beautiful energy, and her suicide was planned months in advance. Her ex-husband knows a little more than than he is letting on about her talking about it leading up to the actual event, and that is ok because he is protecting somebody or something. She also said they were not the ideal couple and hadn’t been close or a long time. She id plan to do this when John and Lisa were together because she wanted them to have a common connection when she left. Lisa showed up unexpectedly on that day, so Jill took the opportunity. That is why, and the only reason why, that it felt spontaneous to John and Lisa. She does want them to be together – they have the best chance of taking care of each other and she will help them out whenever she can, and whenever she can get through to them.

Enough about the actual suicide other than the main reason I got. She was on a lot of pills and alcohol, and her life in every respect had spiralled out of control. Above all of that though, she had a mental illness that was not properly diagnosed properly, and surrounded herself with people that either fed her addiction or that would love her regardless of who she was. She was smart like that. She believed through the dreams that she had that if she stayed, this mental illness would take over, and take over soon. She believed that she was going to check out mentally, and have to be taken care of by others for the rest of her life.

She saw herself becoming ‘zombie-like.’ She would have to be bathed, fed, and having her diaper hanged by care-givers. That, for Jill was totally unacceptable, so she took a Nexus Point, in the form of leaving as a suicide. Now that she has fully crossed over, she can now get on with the business of clearing that karma along with other things in her ‘spun out of control’ life. A life where she had created a lot of happiness for herself. I believe she is telling me all of this because she has to. I am her therapist and she needs a certain number of sessions to clear the karma. It’s like she needs to have each session signed off on before she moves to the next level of her path. I always knew that our learning doesn’t stop when we cross over; it still goes on. The vest has the ability to connect her and I together.

I don’t think I have to be wearing it when we communicate any more but it is a cool vest, so I probably will. Jill is a really sweet soul and tried to be there for most of the people in her life, but really didn’t understand the law of self. This law states that to be there for anybody else in your life, you have to be there for yourself first. So she ended up enabling, other than helping, especially when her immediate family were concerned. This mental condition also ran in the family and she knew it. An aunt passed with the very same thing. Her only concern is that her children don’t inherit that potential.

Since this is the first introduction to this wonderful soul, I will let the article stand the way it is. Subsequent articles will be to deliver the messages that I received form her and any moral or non-moral take on them. Peace.

Born Again

Different strokes for different folks

We are born, I believe, into what I refer to as our ‘biological family.’ Our mother, father, and our siblings are biologically connected to us. I even believe that our lineage, i.e. grand-parents, great grand-parents, etc., are biologically connected in this way. This is the connection for this lifetime. This particular path or incarnation is this way, and in other lifetimes it plays out in a similar fashion.

I-AmEach lifetime brings us in contact with a new lineage, and new Karmas to clear. I also believe that the biological connections we encounter bring us more Karmic debt to burn off. It is how we progress, knowledge wise as a soul, in my experience or understanding of the process. The whole definition of Karmic debt and its purpose in our lives will appear in the Question Time section of this site. I have only touched on it a little here in this article.

Biological connections are important, but it’s possible that it is for this incarnation only. You may never see these people again in any other lifetime. For you to fully grasp the intimacy of all of this you must believe in. or have an understanding of reincarnation and past lives. This is an important first step. It has been my experience that past lives are a fact of Spiritual and Soul education or growth.

Now above, and a more important connection between us as a species is our soul connection. I believe we also have a soul connection to others, and this is a massive step above the biological one. These types of connections are important because we tune into those kinds of people lifetime after lifetime. These are the people that we feel a deeper bond with immediately,sometimes more than we do, even with our own family.

This occurs when you meet someone you don’t know for the first time, and that person affects you so much that you think you have met them before. You get along with them so well that you feel you are picking up where you left off. This can be a good or bad feeling. Instant dislikes work in much the same way. Maybe you meet someone and have an instant dislike, and as you get to know them, the dislike for them doesn’t go away. It can get worse because your last run with them wasn’t good.

There is still karma to be paid or burned off, or cleared between the both of you. Sometimes there is a strong like for that person, and this can grow into a beautiful and strong relationship. I have experienced these types of relationships a lot in my personal life. I have seen it in others lives too, and maybe this explanation will help clear up some relationships in your life until you get a better one.

I’m not saying that this soul connection can’t happen between you and members of your current biological family. It absolutely can, and it might have been one of the reasons you decided to come into that family in the first place, to be with another member of your soul family. I have one such sister that I know for sure is both a biological and soul connection, and one that I haven’t figured out yet.

They may or may not understand this connection as you both move through your life, and it is only important that you understand it. Some soul family members that are biologically connected to you may understand the deeper soul connection that they have. We can only hope sometimes that their biological connection was also a deep and fulfilling one.

They don’t have to connect to it anyway though to apply this description of biological and soul family. I have found though that most of my soul connections are outside my biological family. Connie is the strongest soul connection that I have. We share many many life incarnations together, and have had quite a lot of soul connections throughout our long past life history.

What I am attempting to say is that Connie and I have been around with each other physically in a variety of relationships with each other. When you feel that there is someone in your life that you know you have shared many past lives with, that is a strong bond. These connections are hard to break. There is so much interesting information on this subject, and what I am writing about here is just a small amount.

many-lives-many-mastersOne of my Guru’s on the subject of past life regression is Dr, Brian Weiss, and if you would like a great book describing past lives be sure to check out his classic text, “Many Lives, Many Masters.” Every bookshelf should have its own copy. It is beneficial to take care of your soul family first as this is the most important one. Now I run into more controversy than enough with this subject than any other.

This is just my opinion, and my take on everything I have read or I have experienced in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I believe biological family is important, but if it sucks, then be comforted in your soul family because they are the ones that have incarnated to love you and help you unconditionally enough to show up in your life. Some of them may take a little bit of time, and this could happen later in your life. I have written a piece before on Soul tribes, and Soul clans. Its a similar philosophy only applied to larger groups.

To me, the words ‘Soul Mate,’ is thrown about and used wrongly and loosely. I have to admit that it is the ones in my own profession are the worst culprits. I am of the belief that a Soul Mate is the person that you are contracted to with to bring you your life lessons. Whilst this is an extremely important person in your life, they are not your partner for life necessarily. They can definitely make for an interesting relationship, especially if you grow to understand their actual purpose in your life.

They come here with what we need to learn, or what we sucked at in a past life. It could be that you are together again in this life to make the relationship work, however that relationship shows up. So as you can see by my definition, and its not the only one out there, you can have more than one Soul Mate in this life time, and they can be male or female. They may not know that  this is the reason that they are in your life. Trust me, when they show up, the lessons come with them. When the lesson is learned they will sometimes disappear from your life again.

The Gaelic or Irish expression for soul mate is ‘anam chara’. It is quite a beautiful  expression, and when you finally get the lesson, it can be quite beautiful as well. By my definition, the word ‘soul’ is obvious as it pertains to something deeper than body, or any other physical connection. The word ‘mate’ to me means means friend. So a ‘soul mate’ does not necessarily have to be in your life as a love connection only, by my definition.

In my opinion so many people get stuck with a soul mate thinking that they are meant to be in their life as a love connection, and miss the lesson. Then they get surprised that this relationship doesn’t last, and gets fraught with one lesson after another. If you have someone in your life that you would fall on a grenade for, and they would fall on one for you, but you don’t really see them as a life partner, then you are looking at a soul mate.

By the same definition, if you have someone in your life that gets on your last nerve, then they are a soul mate. You can see how you can have more than one soul mate in your life time, as a matter of fact you could have quite a lot of soul mates in your life depending on what you choose to come here to learn in this life.


zombie-feeding-001As you grow up you learn a lot from what you hear, and observe your parents and teachers say and do. Some of this learning might work for you for a while if these people were intelligent enough. Whilst you may gain worldly insight doing this, you also take on board a dangerous cargo. This cargo can cloud your judgement. If you hold on to it long enough, it can keep you in the dark ages with no progress, and certainly no evolution. This is seen most often in your basic education of history and philosophy. No matter how plugged in and progressive your upbringing, you should develop your own philosophies and ideas. It stands to reason that as you get older, you evolve, or at least you are supposed to evolve. It boils down to being a case of evolving or staying part of a very pushy, uneducated society grunting their way from obstacle to obstacle.

This is not a good thing for your own well-being, and ultimately your children, and your children’s children. You have to think beyond yourself when looking at your own developmental process. You really want your children to be smarter than you, and to evolve in their lives faster than you did, even though you were denied this in your own life. It goes back to one of the most important rules of self government, or all kinds of government really; ‘question everything.’ Even though you might be sure how you stand on a certain issue, question it from time to time, and more importantly, the people involved with it. This has also the potential of reinforcing your position with it, or at the very lest, allowing you to tweak it, and solidify it. Consider the ideal scenario of a person who wholeheartedly believes in the medical profession, but, because they keep an open mind, they come across a fantastic herbal remedy that they like. Now they have the opportunity to be able to use both ideas to bring about a complete healing for something. Here, the educated, and constantly evolving person, will take what they have learned and add it to what they currently know.

martin jordanThey will not discard it because it does not seem to fit a particular medical model, or because it seems to contradict a current belief they have about healing. Gathering new information and continually adding it to what you know already is key to evolving, and developing a more educated lineage. Your children and their children will become more evolved as they are placed into the world helping other to do the same.  This theory only works in the event that the uneducated don’t try to get in the way of progress for greedier motives. People that grasp both sides of any decent argument are evolutionaries in my book. It doesn’t mean that you won’t take a particular side, but it does mean that you will still respect the side that you do not take. This, in and of itself, will strengthen your own beliefs in a much better way. Sometimes the direction that you take will have pieces of both sides, so you will put those together and forge your own path from the result.

Some of the best results I have found in my life have come from such decisions. If your view point is different than mine, then let it be different, but let me see you live this in your life. Then be sure of it, and comfortable enough with its authenticity that you allow me to live mine. This is called ‘respect.’ In this way I get to see a new way in action, I can respect you, and vice versa. What works for you may not work for me or anyone else. That is why I teach, and only teach what works for me, and you will hear me say that when I teach. I teach other methods and ideas as well but I will tell you what I know of them, not whether they work on not. You will only know if something works by trying it out, not by reading about it or hearing someone else tell you that it works. This is clear when the person is leading you to believe that they are practising it, when they clearly are not. Live your own truth and keep living it until it no longer gives you what you are looking for. When you are in a position to tell someone how it works in your life, always remember that yours may not be the right philosophy for everyone. Handle any resistance by bolstering your truth, not tearing down theirs.

Do not take it personally if they do not see the Joy and the wonderful changes in you that you know to be there. Some of them may not be ready, but most of them need to find their own path. Just remember that what you shared about your life may help them quicken their own journey.

Soul Mates

To me, the words ‘Soul Mate,’ is thrown about and used wrongly and loosely. I have to admit that it is the ones in my own profession are the worst culprits. I am of the belief that a Soul Mate is the person that you are contracted to with to bring you your life lessons. Whilst this is an extremely important person in your life, they are not your partner for life necessarily. They can definitely make for an interesting relationship, especially if you grow to understand their actual purpose in your life.

They come here with what we need to learn, or what we sucked at in a past life. It could be that you are together again in this life to make the relationship work, however that relationship shows up. So as you can see by my definition, and its not the only one out there, you can have more than one Soul Mate in this life time. They can be male or female. They may not know that  this is the reason that they are in your life. Trust me, when they show up, the lessons come with them. When the lesson is learned they will sometimes disappear from your life again.

The Gaelic or Irish expression for Soul mate is Anam chara. It is quite a beautiful  expression, and when you finally get the lesson, it can be quite awesome. By my definition, Soul is obvious as it pertains to something deeper than body, or any other hysterical connection. Mate to me means means friend. So a soul mate will not necessarily be in your life as a love connection, by my definition.

In my opinion so many people get stuck with a soul mate thinking that they are meant to be in their life as a love relationship, and miss the lesson. Then they get surprised that this relationship doesn’t last, and was frought with one lesson after another. If you have someone in your life that you would fall on a grenade for, and they would fall on one for you, but you don’t really see them as a life partner, then you are looking at a soul mate.

By the same definition if you have someone in your life that gets on your last nerve, then they are a soul mate. You can see how you can have more than one soul mate in your life time, as a matter of fact you could have quite a lot of soul mates in your life depending on what you choose to learn in this life.

Just in the Nick of Time

martin jordanWhen I am talking to a person after they cross over about their experiences surrounding the time before they cross, the answers are as individual as the people that give them. When I ask the question, “did you suffer?” I get similar responses. They say that they were in no pain, or remember no pain around that time. These are people that have taken a long time to pass, as well as those who have crossed traumatically, such as a car accident.

Since I am a research hound, I then take this question to the guides and Angels surrounding the particular person, as well as the person themselves. I ask if they can give me an explanation as to why they think this is the case. The answer is always they same. The person is removed from their body, and the soul is taken up to heaven, or other side. As in the case of a car accident, it is usually right before impact.

To me it is also like the drug that Andrew was on in the hospital that they gave him before his lumbar punctures. The spinal injections looked quite painful, but Andrew remembered none of it a few seconds after supposedly feeling it.

I hope this answers this question for some of you. Please feel free to comment below, or just leave your thoughts on the matter.

S**t Birds and S**t Storms

Editors note:
I was awakened abruptly with the word, “now” ringing in my ears, and I now know that this means ‘write.’ I don’t question them any more since I am used to it, but this is an important piece. Not for the content perhaps, but for the way it is packaged, I am told. My only hope is that my interpretation is accurate enough. We shall see. I would like you to comment, and share this article if you can.

There was, and perhaps still is somewhere, high on the mountain-tops of some place else, nests of s**t birds. I mean a full on breeding ground high in the clouds nestled in the mountainous creavices. They have to also be nesting in the low lands, near or at sea level. We believed that the species was very good at camouflaging themselves when our attention fell to what we saw in these lower levels. No nests have ever been found or any physical evidence left. For many years even the greatest naturalists, as far back as Darwin, have known of these creatures, but none were ever spotted, or indeed, documented.

They will periodically take flight and deposit the contents of what they eat onto a random person, or random groups of people. They fly silently for the most part, but if you listen very closely, and pay attention, you can hear them coming. For many, many years there appeared to be no defence against them. Up until now there has been no data to help identify them or the type of people they target. One of their many bazaar qualities is that they are selective about who they target.

In my studies of these creatures, and I have studied them extensively, I have come to a few postulates. One of these postulates is that because of the results of their actions, I am sure that they fly, therefore should be called birds. So we are dealing with some kind of bird. It may be that we are dealing with a living mythical creature, you know the body of a hawk and the head of something else. What I do know for sure is that the contents of its stomach are released through the rear end of the beast. I come to the conclusion that the exit point is the rear end because of the stench that it leaves behind.

Running inside doesn’t really help  Staying inside, and doing nothing with your life seems to be the only way to avoid as many attacks from this bird. If you have big dreams, and you are inclined in any way to make something of yourself at all, then you are a target. This would suggest some kind of intelligence in the animal. On further research, and this research is based on interviews with the targets, non-targets, and wading through the devastation it leaves,

I have found this to be world-wide. It seems to me that these birds are only seriously targeting the go-getters, and those that stay inside get a lot less. I have interviewed some non-targets that used to be go-getters, and they said they just gave up, and could care less about it now. Sad. These people confided that whilst they are not as happy as they used to be, they are targeted less. Some of them have even said that there have been no attacks on them on a long time, or attack free. As long as they are quiet and stay content, they really aren’t detected.

I know my theory on this bird of s**t, or s**tbird, as it is now called, has been called a conspiracy, but I believe it is more than that. All I can say to these people is “open you eyes and your minds, and look at the evidence.” The evidence is abundant, and we are growing in numbers collecting and collating data, and I feel we are getting close to finding where these bird are being bred at.

Current data now suggests that they are being bred somewhere. This current evidence also suggests that this bird is now in different forms, or different breeds. They have been mutated somehow, This evidence would also suggest that the original flying variety that we have always known about has been interbred with some land species for some specific purpose.

Even more frightening, on examination of the residue of the s**t, we are finding more and more markers to suggest they have been bred with Homo Sapiens. If this is the case, and I believe it to be true, then we need to modify our detection methods. Scientifically, the residue responds differently to different vibrations. I have since found out that the planet itself abhors these mutated versions of the species, and over the years, has changed its vibration to allow these mutations to be detected more easily. The vibration of the land will continue to change until it is able to eradicate this species all together.

This is quite an exciting, and new finding. Now most of the people responsible for collecting the data, those responsible for their detection, are ‘off the grid.’ Since the vibration of the planet has changed in our favor, they have come back ‘on the grid,’ and coming forward with their findings. It wasn’t until they started coming  forward that we have realized that our human theory about these birds becoming land animals is now plausible. As a matter of fact, it has make the theory irrefutable.

Now the idea that they are being bred comes from the data that we have been collating over the years, and we have found it easier to duplicate and repeat. We are now able to predict with 100% accuracy in some cases where they are likely to be. Some are in the general populous, but we believe that these are used and purposely bred to distract us. Some even say that they have escaped, but we haven’t the time nor the man-power to deal with those just yet, and they appear to be of little threat because they are very obvious.

For some odd reason they think they are undetected, and continue to breed and go about their daily ablutions. Anyway, their damage is minimal, and usually contained to a certain area. It is easy to recover from them by not associating with them. They only thing to watch out for is that they tend to mimic, and will let you beliv they are one of you, but, as I said, they are easy to spot and disassociate with.

The ones that concern us the most are the ones we have found the most concentration of. Thanks to our planets assistance, we can now pinpoint with 100% accuracy where they are.

Before I forget, let me explain some of the science behind how the planet has actually helped us. It’s fascinating. From our scientific research we now know that the residue of these animals is more visible for those of us that can see it. We call this residue, the storm, the s**tstorm to be more accurate.

Our discovery has led us to pinpoint the part of us that is attacked by this storm, and how it moves through us. It affects the part of us called the Spiritual system. The good news is that we have devised a cure for the worst effects of this storm. This is to find different ways to stay in a higher vibration, because the storm loses its power over you when you are in that space. When your Spiritual System is compromised it moves very quickly into the other systems, the mental, emotional, and physical systems. So the higher your vibration, that vibration which i closer to or higher than the vibration of the planet, the less likely this s**tstorm is to bother you. That doesn’t mean that it wont affect you, just that it will bother you less.

There are three areas where we have found the greatest concentration of these animals, and those areas are politics and religion, and financial. Beware of anyone in these areas because they actually believe that they are helping when they really aren’t. They are hurting and spreading the storm on a daily basis. You will find however that there are some healers within the religion, and financial group, and they are also east to spot. They are planet centered, not self centered. These people have chosen to be dropped into the middle of it, and do their best work from there.

There are people out there that can teach you the process of the cure, and you can recognise these people easily. They may or may not be affected by it, but if they are affected by it, they will have it under control. This can be seen in their writing, how and what they write about. They things they say, and the passion with which they say them. You will see them applying the techniques of the cure in their lives and others lives. They are the distillers of positive energy, and positive thoughts. You will feel better after talking with them. This is but a few of the things that you will recognise in someone that has found the cure and are using it diligently.

Be a distiller of positive energy and thoughts

It would appear that these animals are bred by a specific group of people, now identified but not captured as of yet. We are getting closer day by day.Yes we are.


This is the summary for the cure for the condition caused by the storm, and it works really well. A full recovery is always expected, but it is up to you.

There are many ways in which to achieve this cure, and I will outline but a few here.

  1. Meditation, or hypnosis with meditation: if you find you need assistance in achieving it,
  2. Seek out people that are already using the cure in their lives and learn from them: Some of these people will still be experiencing, and will still be affected by the storm, but they will obviously working through it and rising above. You will identify these people easily.
  3. Read as much as you can about the cure: How to implement it in your life from where you are at.
  4. Keep an open mind: Allow this information to enter the Mental Body
  5. Allow yourself time: Be patient with you how you feel at times when it’s not so good, so that the Cure can enter the Emotional Body
  6. Wear protection when you go out: If you consciously cover you ears, eyes, and definitely your mouth to the s**tstorm, this will lesson the effects of it for sure.

Applying the above instructions will fix the Spiritual body, and lead to healing the physical body if the storm has reached that also. There are going to be comprehensive articles on all of these, stories, and other tools to help get you there on this website, so keep checking back.

The s**tstorm can have disasterous effects on you if you do not get it treated. The effect on the Spiritual body can be quite devastating, because it compromises your truth and integrity, and if it isn’t treated, it will lead to an awful malady called GREED. This malady can sometimes be fatal.

No Womb at the Inn

The Set Up:

Very interesting day today from beginning to end. I made some time today for myself, and again, something I should have done years ago.The writing I do now I want connected to something completely different. At 5:30 AM, A close friend sent me a text to say that her pregnant daughter was bleeding, and since the daughter has had 3 urinary tract infections, this was a concern. I had been following the journey of the pregnancy, and somehow I believe that this is the same infection recurring because they didn’t get it the first time , and just kept throwing antibiotics at it. This is in the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy, and I was asked to take a better look at the situation and heal whatever was going on energetically.

Editors Note:This was to be a remote energy connection. I am not in direct communication with the person, and it doesn’t have to be that way in order for it to work.

So I got out of bed, and set up a remote healing session, and connected it to the daughter of my friend. This first thing I did was call in whatever help I need from the Spirit world, and make the educated assumption that they will assist wherever, and whenever I need them. This approach hasn’t failed me yet, and it is the fastest way to do a healing session when time is not an ally, and distance is a factor. I pictured her lying down on a bed with crystals all around her for protection and healing purposes. I chose the crystals based on whatever comes to mind, and these vary from session to session. I started at her head and scanned her body all the way down to her feet. I continued the scan back up again, looking for any anomalies. The way I was shown the anomalies in this case was that I was stopped for a few seconds at each one, and the longer I stopped, the bigger the issue.

The Bleeding:

Needless to say I was stopped at the pelvic area for a while, so I went in. I went in with what appeared to be a scope of some kind made up of a biological material. It moved around as a living thing would, and was about 5 mm in diameter. It effortlessly went in through the skin, and seemed to be part of her tissue now. At the same time as this I sent energy in through the top of her head to keep the constant flow of top to bottom energy going. This also helped to unclog any blocks in her energy flow. If I felt a block anywhere, I increased the flow until I felt no more resistance, and cleared it all the way down to her pelvic area. where it stopped, I went no further. I pushed, and it resisted hard. Now it was time to stop the bleeding. I increased my energy pressure around the the blocked energy, and found myself tying off the stream on either side of the ‘leak.’ Then I used the probe, that was still in there, to repair the broken veins or whatever it was causing the leak. I released the pressure on the other side, and it began flowing freely again, and this was an indication that the bleeding had stopped.

The Baby:

The next priority now was the baby, since the daughter hadn’t felt her kick in a few hours. I saw this spaghetti mass of tendril like energy. It was dark and negative, and was going off in all directions, like a very badly made spider web. Some of the tendrils were small in diameter, but others were really thick. They were so enmeshed that I couldn’t see through them to where I knew there would be a baby. I was then given a machete like laser scalpel that emitted a baby blue colored light. This was given to me by a tall Spirit. The spaghetti jungle was around the the sacral chakra.

Sacral chakra: Sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, hip area, bladder appendix.It houses your creative and sexual energies – your ability to nurture and give birth to the seeds of life. It is considered to be the ?relationship chakra? because it represents our ability to relate to other people. Problems with this chakra arise when there are issues involving creativity and financial and sexual power. 

So there was a lot of issues here, and I had to clear them before I moved on.

I moved the scalpel back and forth quickly at first, and only stopped to throw out the debris that I got periodically. Then it started to move more slowly and more consistently as I got further in, and the tendrils started thinning out. Again, I stopped only to remove the debris and throw it out. I finally made my way through and got rid of a much of the debris as I could, and there she was, huddled away at the top end of the womb. I felt a different kind of energy now, small and alive, but I could sense a little fear at this point. This was the baby and she was scared to be born. Scared that, as a soul, she wouldn’t be represented well, and her voice wouldn’t be heard. This was a different scared than a concern of the child that the mother wasn’t taking good care of herself, because this mother does. So that wasn’t the issue. Her concern was more about her life path and her destiny.

This child is here to effect change in the world, and to make a difference in the world. I received all of this information in a split second. One minute I didn’t know it, and the next minute I had a memory of it. Spirit will communicate to you that quickly for sure.

Editors Note: Now I trust what I get, and have always trusted how I get it. This is where I lose most people, but I know I have said this before in other posts. It appears to me that the information is dumped as one load into my subconscious mind for me to retrieve, or not retrieve, when I come back from my meditation and my remote session. It is almost like I am left a message from Spirit, and it is the old “you’ve got mail.” scenario. The following statement that holds true for me, and others that do this work may or may not relate to it:


There are those of you reading this that would agree, but there are some of you that will say that I Am full of it. I have heard both sides before, and I am not easily offended. If your only argument is to quote holy verses at me, then stop right now. I am only here to journal my experience and my understanding of it, and I am not here to tell you that  this is the only way. To do that would be unintelligent, and wrong.

This little girl was not wanting to come into a life where she was not going to be allowed to be who she came here to be. I told her to listen to her mother and grandmother. Listen to her mothers voice, and tap into her mothers energy to understand how she feels about it. I believe she did just that, and this particular mother will only encourage and nurture you to such a life. From this point I felt I was pulled deeper into the meditative state. More like lead in, because I really am easy that way. Good or bad I will explore, it’s in my nature. I have faith and I trust the process a great deal. I allow this to happen more times than not, just ask anyone that knows me well.

The Guides:

Now in this new state I heard a group of people chanting, “Baa Baa Rah Baa Rah,” over and over again. It was getting louder and louder, and i saw a mist, or fog like substance, in front of me. As the music and the chanting group got closer, the chant started affecting me in a very happy, and positive way. It made me feel happy, the kind of happiness where you don’t know why you are happy, you just are. I kept watching the mist, when out of it appeared about 6 or 7 Aboriginal people, sing chanting, and I could see they were dancing as well. I found myself no longer with the baby, in fact I was nowhere near the area in which she was any more. Through the music and chanting, I felt that some kind of celebration was taking place. It was a beautiful thing to witness. The chanters themselves had markings, like they do, all over their body, and they were all women. I knew at this point that I was witness to something great, and that it was connected to the baby in some way. I know some of you will ask me more about the markings, but I don’t remember any of them from this trip. I don’t believe that remembering this part of the story was important to me.

The End:

Well I heard a sound then, off in the distance, like a loud “ping,” and I felt like I was whisked away, and out of my meditative state and into the real world. The sound had come from my mobile phone. It was my wife, and she had been texting me for a good 15 minutes, and I had been unaware of it. That is quite a few unheard pings for sure, but the last one I heard. The last text just read, “Are you there? Where did you go?” I texted her then, and told her a little, part of what happened. She was able to verify for me that the bleeding had indeed stopped, and the nurse was a little concerned that it had stopped because it confused her. I would like to know more about what happened at that time, but I may never know the physical aspects for the story.

Good health to the mother and her baby, and may their lives be filled with love, and understanding, deep understanding. This child will command it, I know.

And to the child:
May you never know struggles and heartbreak
May you always be connected to her higher self
may you always remember why you’ve came here

Question for experiment

pureheartstarI want to ask you: From what you know of me, think of 8 things that you would pack for me, or insist that I have with me, or at any of my destinations. These 8 things are to be based on what you know about me. These things can be anything no matter how big or small. I want you to write down the thing and a brief description of why you picked that particular item.

Write you answers in any editor you wish and email them to me at, or just write them straight into an email.

Thank you

For example:

  1. Socks: Because I always see him in colorful weird looking socks
  2. A piano: Because I know he plays piano
  3. A pack of tissues: Because he is constantly blowing his nose

Post Any related comments here. This is anything you want to say about the exercise, and I will answer any questions as soon as I can.

I would like you to take the exercise seriously because it is going into my into my new book. I will contact you for more information if I need it once the exercise is completed.


Outline – Communicating with your Transitioned Child

Welcome to the New 1 hour Free workshop on how to connect with Children that are on the other side. Below is the outline of what will be cover in the class.

  • Beginning meditation
  • Explaining the process of Spirit Communications
  • Breathing techniques to allow you to adjust your level of meditation
  • Automatic writing/ Journaling
  • Understanding the energy of the Spirit and what their purpose is
  • Imagination and it’s role in the process
  • Building and connecting across the bridge


Martin and Connie