Vested Interest

Off we go again into the wild blue yonder to capture, whether I want them or not, messages and stories from Spirit. The person, Jill, owner of a waistcoat that I am wearing, has been coming to me,giving me more yet new insight to the other side. This is an interesting case, and brings up […]

Born Again

born again martin jordan

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As you grow up you learn a lot from what you hear, and observe your parents and teachers say and do. Some of this learning might work for you for a while if these people were intelligent enough. Whilst you may gain worldly insight doing this, you also take on board a dangerous cargo. This […]

Soul Mates

To me, the words ‘Soul Mate,’ is thrown about and used wrongly and loosely. I have to admit that it is the ones in my own profession are the worst culprits. I am of the belief that a Soul Mate is the person that you are contracted to with to bring you your life lessons. […]

Just in the Nick of Time

When I am talking to a person after they cross over about their experiences surrounding the time before they cross, the answers are as individual as the people that give them. When I ask the question, “did you suffer?” I get similar responses. They say that they were in no pain, or remember no pain […]

S**t Birds and S**t Storms

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No Womb at the Inn

The Set Up: Very interesting day today from beginning to end. I made some time today for myself, and again, something I should have done years ago.The writing I do now I want connected to something completely different. At 5:30 AM, A close friend sent me a text to say that her pregnant daughter was […]

Question for experiment

I want to ask you: From what you know of me, think of 8 things that you would pack for me, or insist that I have with me, or at any of my destinations. These 8 things are to be based on what you know about me. These things can be anything no matter how […]


Outline – Communicating with your Transitioned Child

Welcome to the New 1 hour Free workshop on how to connect with Children that are on the other side. Below is the outline of what will be cover in the class. Beginning meditation Explaining the process of Spirit Communications Breathing techniques to allow you to adjust your level of meditation Automatic writing/ Journaling Understanding […]

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