Only Love is Real – Unplugged
CD with the songs that Andrew has given martin teaching about love, life, healing, and so many other things

Mystical Vibrations CD
CD with 12 channeled pieces is to help you relax, manifest and relieve stress. Each piece is short, between 3 and 7 minutes long. Beautifully done, and very easy to listen to. Great if you’re sitting on your own, or playing it in your Reiki or massage, or in your spa.

Merlin’s Moods
CD with two longer pieces (20 minutes each,) for you to play for your clients as you’re working on them.

So These Two Dead Guys Walked into a Bar
This is a very funny book. It is a whole account of her life living with a full-time medium. You can pick it up, open to any page, and laugh. There are also beautiful messages in there for you when you least expect it.

No Regrets
Connie and Martin Jordan are authors, teachers, and Metaphysical Entertainers who live in Sarasota, Florida. They lost the physical presence of their son, Andrew, to Leukemia on October 22nd, 2007. Andrew knew he was an Avatar, Master Teacher, and lived his life that way. He has taught while he was on this plain, and is now powerfully teaching from the other side. Since then, it has been their mission to bring the awareness of the other Avatars, Psychic children, to the world. This book is part of their process.

Meditation and Hypnotherapy CDs
These are some of the best guided meditations available. Martin teaches meditation and regression and has produced some of his favorite ones to CD. They include the following journeys:

Introduction to meditation * meet your spirit guides
Past life regression
Pre-life regression
Goal Achievement
Light Warrior meditation
Crystal Cave Healing
Stress Management
and many more.