Meet Connie and Martin


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Connie is an author of 2 books: “So these 2 Dead Guys Walk into a Bar,” a very funny, but educational account of her life living with a professional medium, and “No Regrets,” a brutally honest account of the journey that she and her husband, Martin, took with their wonderful son, Andrew, through his Leukemia diagnosis and passing. She has also studied with Doreen Virtue, PhD., and was a member of her core staff for almost 2 years staffing Doreen’s Angel Therapy Practitioner ® courses. She has also studied with James Van Praagh. Connie works with clients who are stuck in the grieving process, and can’t seem to move forward. She is also a stand-up comedian, and uses this training to help people move through their grief using humor, so that they can do this with a higher vibration, lifting the heaviness of grief, so they can feel good about their life again.

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Martin is a Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regressionist, Life Coach, and Singer/ Songwriter. He has studied and worked with Dr. Steven Farmer, Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., Dominic Flarey, CHt. DCH, (affliated with the American Board of Hypnotherapy,) and renowned Hypnotherapist, George Kappas, (one time husband of Florence Henderson – Carol Brady,) and founder of The Hypnosis Motivational Institute in California. He has been practicing and teaching mediumship for many years now. He has always been open to the fact that there is an easy way to do things and a hard way to do things. He has approached my life from both perspectives, and found that the easiest methods are the best when they work.

Connie and Martin Jordan are the Dynamic Duo, and along with their son, Andrew, on the other side, work with parents, and caregivers of intuitive children who are ready to support, guide, and nurture their children’s gifts. They also work with parents who want a deeper connection with their child and a more profound understanding of their mission together. Their expertise stems from the fact that they raised an Avatar, (Master Teacher.) During this process they realized that there were more children in the world being born with intuitive abilities, and things to teach. Their mission is to help bridge the gap between parent and child so that these parents can better serve these children in their mission.

Connie and Martin’s gifts lie in their ability to take the fear out of understanding the child’s gifts. Their passion is to help parents grow Spiritually, not only for themselves, but for their children. They help to create a safe environment for parent and child to work together honestly and openly to understand what’s going on. They infuse a mix intuition and humor to help both parent and child enjoy the process that they are now involved in. They get to the core issues very quickly and help resolve them just as fast. They are now carrying on Andrew’s mission, and taking it to a whole new level with the PureHeart Method ©.


Their only son, Andrew, was diagnosed with Leukemia in July of 2007. He ascended to the next stage of his wonderful journey in October of 2007. He was 16 years old. Part of me felt that there was no way to recover from something like the physical loss of my child, yet I did. Their ability to communicate with Spirit has helped them connect with Andrew, and find out what the next stage of the journey is all about.

His favorite expression was, “It’s all good!”, and they find that this expression alone helps them to set up their day in a way that maximizes blessings. Between the two of us, they have come up with this simple program that you can apply again and again. The PureHeart Method will allow you to really get to the bottom of what you need to do to move the blocks, and release any fears you may have about Spirit communication.

They have continued to blog their journey, and document all of the information that their Avatar son, Andrew, gives to them


Saw the most incredible medium tonight. Martin Jordan. He has this gift that reaches out and touches you in the most intimate way that you just know its truth. My message came directly from Archangel Metatron! I am so empowered and humbled by God’s Love that keeps changing my life, changing me. I am being led and I am going willingly. Its all so clear to me.


It was a blessing very much needed for all that attended your wonderful and profound mediumship this past Saturday.

As for me, I would have wanted a little more contact with my boys, yet your gentle spirit and sharing how with the love for your Andrew you have managed to embrace, accept, and have channel that painful wound into a beautiful butterfly, freeing Andrew and the rest of us of our deep pain due to their physical absence.

With your loving voice and the words of that song played from your heart accompanied by your soul, and through my tears I was able to release pain from the corners of my soul.

For I lost both of my children, and you both convinced me that it may not have been my fault, but simply that their time on earth and with us had been design by their Angels, guides and my boys themselves to play out as it did.

Saturday you both filled my heart with much needed peace. Price less!

Thank you, and much blessing

Mari Fernandez

  “There are certain times in our lives when the power of Universal healing is present. We instinctively know when those times are because of the profound emotions that we experience. Connie and Martin Jordan have an ability to produce universal healing and understanding, and they do it through the love of their son and music that he gives to them. The story they share of their son’s life and crossing is a powerful one, with important and life lessons woven in. Some aspects of their concert will make you laugh, and others could very well allow you to cry, but within all of it there’s a reassuring healing that touches the hearts of all that are present. I strongly encourage anyone to be willing to take part in this outstanding performance.There are some things in our physical lives that we simply can’t afford, and any cost, to miss out on. This is one of them. I can guarantee that you will leave, not only looking at life from a different perspective, but truly feel different from the inside out.”

John Culbertson, owner of Star Child Book Store

Connie, your show does not need a testimonial, as it speaks for its self. All from our center thoroughly enjoyed the humor, the music, and the accurate
readings. Most of all it spoke of eternal life with a sense of humor, and the TRUTH. We are all of the one, which has no beginning and no end.
to find the joy in consistent transition of being, whether in this form or other, is the key to releasing all fear. then life becomes a living
dance to embrace in love with no conditions. ”IMAGINE” thank you for a fun night. it was the first in many years, my going into a club, looking
forward to the next!!!
love and blessings abide, Rev. Duffy